Some reviews from fans.

Cheyenne Venema: I got to experience "My Sister In This House" this past Saturday (May 8)... and I must say that I was completely astounded by the entire production. I have never been so moved emotionally (fear, anger, sympathy) or physically (heart pounding!) because the performances of the actors were unequal to anything I've experienced before. I've become a recent fan of Deanne and I was totally blown away by her ability to transform into Christine and show every facet of the character. Truly and Oscar deserving perfomance if I ever saw one!

Deanne Bray: This is so nice to read this. Thank you! We all worked hard on the show and each of us have grown so much into our characters and are developing a stronger relationship with one another. Amazing experience and each night is a different show! I really feel that this production deserves a Best Ensemble Award.

Lanzee Veurink: Deanne, Last night (May 9), I saw a powerful and compelling play at DeafWest theatre. I can't imagine for you to do a very difficult task for playing for an amazing role. I don't dare to do this like you because of my Christian beliefs but knowing that it's important for people to see it. I give you a round of applause! (hands flying) I loved the best seat (second row - right end) I got cuz it's a perfect seat to see everything. Everything is real! I'd love to meet you in person after play but I knew that you wiped out and wanted to go home to be with ur family. U are the Best!!

Deanne Bray: Thank you for saying this. Originally, I didn't think I could do this and was afraid of Christine. I realized that I judged her. The way Wendy Kesselman wrote this play was to hope for the audience to not judge the sisters so harshly and to try to see a bigger picture of what they've gone through in terms of isolation and abuse. Humans have a strong need for being connected and are designed to need each other.

Hi Deanne!

Awesome May 13th... "My Sister In This House"... I was hoping to see you after the play last night but know you must have been wiped out! I understand! smile...

But I need to say it is a heartfelt and brave thing you did in doing this challenging character as a older sister. Both of you and Amber- (you and your younger sister) did an awesome job to show how so many factors with this difficult life facing incest, with intense love for each other, how anger was built from Christine's upbringing from a neglected or unfair parent. This anger can be evolved and get mixed into a confusing relationship of what is really a "TRUE LOVE" means... I hope many viewers, who watch this play, can learn and reflect on their lives how powerful "unconditional love" is a needed in all relationships.

Wow wanted to say awesome, sis! It's educational for many who I brought to see this play!

I hope many would see this play... I am impressed with how accessible it is for all audience- ASL, Voice over and Captioned... I hope an award would be given for this play and for you and your younger sister!


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