bill AB2072

Dear Friends of California,

It's the bill AB2072 that AGB and its allies have been pushing to the floor this Thursday for CA Assembly members to vote. This bill will push to oral training over ASL in CA and don't give fair info on communication options. What s more this bill may means that CSDR and CSDF cldnt do outreach program because it cost to state. They (the supporters of this bill) will provide info for free and no charge to State or any State agencies (CSDR and CSDF) in which means no more deaf kids attending CSDF/CSDR in long run.

We all have been fighting and need u to spread the news
To your friends immediately to go to

  1. Click on " my district" on ur left side and type in your address and zip code
  2. Then u ll see the screen where it shows who your Assembly member and Senator are
  3. Click on "contact me" button and type your address, etc
  4. Check "oppose" button
  5. Type in box on the bottom of the page just like this or copy and paste.

AB 2072 Mendoza-OPPOSED

I oppose this bill for the following reasons:

  1. It is inherently biased.
  2. Unequally represents communication options for parents on the brochures.
  3. The authoring of this bill didn't include Deaf Community Stakeholders/Taxpayers.
  4. The Audiologists are not trained to provide the information equally on the communication options including American Sign Language.


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