A Gallaudet student

It's been quite awhile since I have posted a blog.

This is what I have been to...

I decided to apply for Gallaudet University and was accepted in the Masters program studying Sign Language Teaching.  Most of the students are ASL instructors for K-12 students and Universities.  I wanted to use this for the media, ASL Literature and possibly for DHH children as an ASL specialist.  I started studying for Gallaudet in June 2012.  I am expected to graduate in July 2013.  It requires 4 semesters (two summers on campus in Washington D.C. and online courses during the fall and spring semesters).  I was able to roll up my sleeves to get set up in my acting career while studying online in Los Angeles, California.

As of right now, I have a new manager and commercial agent!  I have received 4 A+ and the rest were A's.  Kyra has been supportive of her mom being in school.  Troy has been an exceptional Mr. Mom and husband while he blew people's mind doing his gig of the stage play, Cyrano, as Cyrano with The Fountain Theater.  Kyra and I still commit to our 1-hour bed time readings at 7:30 PM in midst of my busy schedule.  Kyra still loves to read and is making new friends at her new school in LA and of course she misses her old friends from her old school in Arizona.  You might wonder what will become of Kyra when she grows up...  She says she wants to be a pop star, a professional rollerskater which she is made into dolls for people to buy and cherish, and a teacher.

In April, Troy will be going to New York City for 4 days to read for New York Theatre Workshop with hopes of someone to bring Cyrano to New York.  I am in preproduction with a Sue Thomas: FBEye movie which we hope to shoot at the end of this year.  I am also doing a role for In Other Words, which should start shooting this May.

I just shot with 2BrokeGirls as a Guest Star and it will air on February 25, 2013 on CBS.  It was a joy to get to know Missi Pyle and to be able to see her sing at Rockwell during the middle of shooting nights of 2BrokeGirls.  Missi Pyle will play as a guest star as well.  Her role is hilarious.  She plays as Charity, Caroline's rich aunt.  The whole cast were amazing.  It was an honor to work with Michael Patrick King and Fred Savage directing.

I will start as an intern teaching one class at a community college at the end of February to complete a course that Gallaudet University requires.

I do have a lot on my plate but life is short.  When there are opportunities in front of me, I need to grab them when I can.

Have a wonderful Valentine's!



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